moderated Re: Free to Premium Expanse #suggestion

Sandi D <sandi.asgtechie@...>

Diito that. Services have been dropped by more companies than I care to count. And if not dropped, I have seen them transition over into something different. All I can do is evaluate those currently in business and make decisions based on available information. My groups weren't any of those bailing from Yahoo. I came to GIO well before. I have no qualms about moving or disbanding "my" 2 mailing list groups from Google Workgroups should it no longer serve our needs.

I will agree that Mark's ear is alert to those offering input. It has been challenging for me to keep abreast of all the changes to GIO. I am not saying it's bad, but it does keep me busy reading, clarifying, implementating and informing my group members of what gets rolled out! 
Sandi Dickenson
ASG Volunteers Group

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