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Sandi D <sandi.asgtechie@...>

I have seen posts from other low revenue 501(3)c NPs that like ours cannot sustain the GIO fees being charged for the file storage needed and the ability to directly add and manage our members. 

I have been with Gmail since 2006 and to date, my privacy has not been invaded. I have enabled the privacy settings that I desire and to date they have "worked". In fact, I much prefer my Gmail accounts to every other email account I have created since 1989. I would hazard to guess I have tried out close to 50 of them, most no longer in business.

Google Workspace administers our domain email accounts at no cost to us. Our domain Google accounts do not receive spam. Our non published forum email address has never had even one outside inquiry. It has remained private. Our published forum email address has received spam and it's been caught every time by Google and not been delivered to our members. It is held in a que for me to approve or reject. 

In my opinion Google is not taking over the world. As you said, the anti trust suit is being filed. It may well be justified and result in them abiding by the terms of the judgement. That doesn't make them evil or good. It's simply a factor of how they will need to operate as a business. It's not like they are the first or the only company facing an anti trust action. 

A domain administered free Google Groups has a place in this discussion which billsf9c initiated by comparing the features of a free GIO group to other free groups and forums. I have free GIO groups which, as of now, are grandfathered in but I cannot direct add members.

You are absolutely correct that you get what you pay for. Not all of us have the budget for "the best". (I put GIO Premium in that category.) Some of us need to settle for what we can afford based on a comparison of services that offer the features we need. 

Sandi Dickenson
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