locked Re: Community Code of Conduct


Mark, I would urge you to be very careful with this.

I would think you would want to distance yourself from this, as best as you could, for fear of alienating the group owners.

Being realistic, I am very well aware that there may be times when you might have to get involved if there is something going on in a group that demands something like police intervention, but I think the fewer rules and/or guidelines, the better.

For the person who complained to you that they were banned from a group, it seems to me that this decision should be entirely up to the group owner.

About the time you would have a guideline, or worse get involved in that, the group owner will decide he needs to have his group elsewhere.

I wonder, has there ever been, in all history, any person who was ever banned from any group who did not think he was treated unfairly or poorly?

Group owners and their groups are a wondrous diversity of viewpoints and philosophies. I only see imposed guidelines as imposing on that diversity.


On 4/29/2015 6:22 PM, Mark Fletcher wrote:
Hi All,

Many communities are starting to adopt codes of conduct and I'm
wondering if we should have one for the groups on Groups.io. Here are
two examples:


One of the reasons this is on my mind is that I've gotten a complaint
from someone who was banned from a group and thinks they were/are
being treated unfairly or poorly. It would be nice to have a document
that I could point people to that would specify what constitutes abuse
and what, if anything, happens if abuse does take place. Just being
banned from a group would not be abuse, for example. Violent threats
against someone would be abuse.

As Groups.io grows, we will get more of these complaints and I want to
make sure we're consistent about how we respond. Also, it's important
to me that the people who use Groups.io are respectful of each other.

Questions: Do you agree with having a Code of Conduct? If so, do you
agree that it should spell out what would happen to violators? And if
so, do you have thoughts on what actions should be taken with those


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