moderated Re: Free to Premium Expanse #suggestion


The "15 Gigs" number came from a.googlw member. I understand now, that he may be in error... but if that is his perception, it may be also for many. So I'm not a journalist and didn't go undercover to confirm. If 15 is the personal amount, and goggle lists have no limit, then I don't see what to write on the billboard.

I was fine with 110$. Our otherwise intelligent membership tarried and we got hit with 220... spilled milk.

When folks have suffered with bad service for so long, many forget how NICE it was when eGroups had features and they worked well. Many of us easily ignored the ads, so here, I don't even notice them missing. And many know and notice nothing of googles' privacy shattering, and cannot comprehend it if explained.

But I sure want a way to entice a couple groups over. And after 18 years, I'll dislike in 4 years cleaning house because the next.jump is not a small amount but 19x more than what took us 20 years to accumulate.

As text here is not counted against us, maybe I can make the case that memory is unlimited, with an additional Gig for Photos and attachments.

Thanks for the time everyone has spent on this issue. Now and then I help a small mechanics business. You want the Edsel. 😏🤣

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