moderated Re: Can't create a freecycle group #bug

Dave Wade

am not sure why they haven't been migrated to the Freecycle platform.

Not sure of your basis for saying Freegle groups are dwindling. I was
semi-automatically to Freegle, using my existing Freecycle login details,
our local Freegle group started, but found the Freecycle group still
active. I find, though, that I still receive about ten times as many
from Freegle as I do from Freecycle.
I think I was moved automatically as well and initially I got lots on
Freegle, but I can't remember when I last saw a Freegle offer.
I checked and my account is still active, and in Trafford there are three
offers from the last 24 hours. In freecycle its three in the last hour.
However I would expect activity to vary from area to area...

Given the reasons behind the creating of Freegle I suspect some kind
of internal politics, but I am sure that Freecycle will claim
"ownership" of any group that purports to use part of its name and
offer re-cycling services.....
Yes, you're probably right there, but that clearly does not include
Freegle. I
would have my doubts about names that sound the same as or similar to
Freecycle, such as Phreecycle that I think someone mentioned.
I am not a lawyer, but I think in the UK it would be a breach of


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