moderated Re: Can't create a freecycle group #bug


On 21 Oct 2020 at 22:11, Dave Wade wrote:


Where I live, we have both Freecycle and Freegle. Freegle was started in the uk
because some folks didn't agree with some Freecycle policies. e.g. Living
Creatures are not allowed on Freecycle but they are and anything legal is OK on
Freegle. Whilst Freegle got off to good start it now seems to have withered and
almost died. I believe that both started by using Yahoo groups but now they have
their own dedicated systems. Freecycle is trademarked and groups have to be
properly affiliated and use the Freecycle systems, so I believe it is correct to
refuse to create groups with Freecycle in the name. I suspect existing groups
were migrated from the existing Yahoo groups but I am not sure why they haven't
been migrated to the Freecycle platform.
Not sure of your basis for saying Freegle groups are dwindling. I was moved
semi-automatically to Freegle, using my existing Freecycle login details, when
our local Freegle group started, but found the Freecycle group still remained
active. I find, though, that I still receive about ten times as many messages
from Freegle as I do from Freecycle.

Given the reasons behind the creating of Freegle I suspect some kind of
internal politics, but I am sure that Freecycle will claim "ownership" of
any group that purports to use part of its name and offer re-cycling
Yes, you're probably right there, but that clearly does not include Freegle. I
would have my doubts about names that sound the same as or similar to
Freecycle, such as Phreecycle that I think someone mentioned.


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