moderated Re: Free to Premium Expanse #suggestion


I'm saying that I LOVE and UNDERSTAND, but I am losing membership in a couple valuable groups as they are short sighted.

Like my members who don't see trends in the industry, they would not allow me to migrate to IO when it was free. They would not discuss it at 110$. Only at the last minute did a few say. "I know & like IO." Or "I know & hate Google."

The Edsel was [too] ahead if its time. Great car. "Looked wrong."

The masses do not understand that it took 2000 members 15-20 VERY busy years to reach 3/4 of the Gig they use(d.) 

Does Google include text in their 15 Gigs? Maybe it's just apples and oranges.?!?!?

Crowds went with Goliath.
David's people thought he was a nut for "~15 minutes."
Animals, insects, and other people and businesses stand tall and raise arms and fluff up fur to appear large. That's google. They don't dole out 14 extra Gigs which sit idle for 1-5-20 years. "It's on paper... there when you want/".Look hiw banks do money - want your 250,000? They don't actually have it... "Give us 2-3-4 days."

Find a loophole. Make this Edsel look as grand as their flimsy fiberglass crap. Tell them 15 Gigs. Allot them 1. Tack on 900Megs. It's just a façade. It's still better under the car cover.

Ex SillyCom Valley Dude

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