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Reading all the support for the thread I began and this time WITH coffee -

It jumps out at me that the void ought be filled to reflect; Free-Basic, $5/mo & $10/mo, $20/mo. Round down if they pay a year in a lump sum.

Yet and STILL, David MUST meet Goliath on the 15 Gigs FREE Battlefield. IT MUST D*A*R*E TO CONTEND...

...despite the fact that a "busy but typical" 2000 member groups take 10-20 years to fill that. Adding a 2nd Gig to the 1st, 3 to that for 5, 5 to that for 10, and the last 5 when needed, automatically and not 14 more Gigs initially... need not appear or be said, anywhere. They'll have 15 gigs, and will need them around... 2380 by my calculations.

I just hope Green Lantern doesn't mind using IO on our T-Shirts, it being near to his Logo. When do these come out, "David?" [Mark?] Set the sloth down, (What's its' name, again?) Push the choke in. You had a break. It's YahOop's Death's Anniversary. Let's start this party w a BANG! Shoot Goliath right in the foot!

We're rootin' for ya! We're truely in this together...!

Offer the product NOW, available Oct 31st in the fine print.

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