moderated Re: Free to Premium Expanse #suggestion


I wasn’t going to weigh in here because I’m safely ensconced in my legacy premium group. But that’s selfish of me. So I’ll be honest. If I had to pay $20month I’m pretty sure I would downgrade, or at strongly consider it. My group is a volunteer service for people with sickcats. The extra features are something we don’t absolutely need and are just to make things somewhat easier and more enjoyable for me. I would not for a moment consider asking group members for donations. (To anyone who is going to ask, “Why not?” Save your breath, because I’m not going to answer. It is just something I feel strongly about for my group.)

So I think that there may br others like me, how many of them, who knows? who might be willing to go up to $15/month, but for whom $20 is pushing it because the extra features are not really a need. They’re a splurge.

Everybody here knows what a huge fan I am. This is about agreeing with the feelings of others who’ve posted that it feels like there’s a donut hole here. I have no idea how or if it might affect business. Just another data point. 

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