moderated Re: Free to Premium Expanse #suggestion

Hi Mark,

There’s a number of people/groups already with that continue to plead for something between $220/year and the free plan.  My groups can operate just fine within the limitations of the free plan indefinitely, BUT...if it were possible to subscribe JUST for more storage, whether 5 or 10GB, we would do it in heartbeat for, say, $3-4 mo.  

That would allow us greater latitude for posting/filing photos, documents, etc. that otherwise we have to arrange for outside of and, to my knowledge does not say how to get such storage to “ink” with our Group if such s possible.  

Present options of $0 or $200-220/year need SOMETHING in between.  An “upgrade” of STORAGE ONLY would be relatively simple to offer, and it would allow income from “free” groups.  

If such an option gets you more those kinds of groups, it’s STILL $36-$48 per year per group you’re not getting now from your “subscriber base”.  Couldn’t THAT be a “win-win” situation?




On Oct 20, 2020, at 3:55 PM, Mark Fletcher <> wrote:

I'm not sure I understand what you're arguing for. Are you saying that the free plan needs to have more storage, so that we'll get more groups (of the kind that will only use our free plan)? Economically, that may work for a business model based on advertising, where absolute numbers of groups/users are most important. But that's not us. 


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