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Donald Hellen

Mark . . .

On Tue, 20 Oct 2020 13:55:12 -0700, "Mark Fletcher"
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I'm not sure I understand what you're arguing for. Are you saying that the free plan needs to have more storage, so that we'll get more groups (of the kind that will only use our free plan)? Economically, that may work for a business model based on advertising, where absolute numbers of groups/users are most important. But that's not us.
I'm not sure that most of his post explained it well, but I think he
was suggesting a plan between premium and basic. Maybe call it
enhanced (doesn't matter what to call it). Charge perhaps $5/mo for
5GB. Or instead you could make it a 10GB plan for the mid-grade one,
and charge $10. I don't think you need an infinite number of steps
between premium and basic, but I've read many posts elsewhere that
said they'd like to se an "in-between" plan that gives more than basic
but less than premium.

The problem is if you offer such a plan and it turns out it didn't
work out well, do you eliminate the middle tier plan or grandfather
then in and just no longer offer it.

I'm not suggesting an exact price nor how much storage or which
features to offer for how much. The above were just examples.


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