moderated Re: drafts disappearing - bad #bug

SBL webmaster

J_Catlady wrote:
Good to know. However, not using the back button is going to be really
cumbersome. Imagine you're writing a long, complex reply, and you have
to go out of your draft several times to look something up on the site.
There should never be a need to leave the draft page to look something up.
All of the major browsers support multiple tabs, so if you need to look
something up, you can either:

- Open a new blank tab; on most browsers, this is Ctrl-T on the keyboard,
or click on the "+" next to the last open tab at the top of the window.

- Open a link on the current page in a new tab; on most browsers, this is
right-click on the link and type "t", or select "Open link in new tab"
in the pop-up menu.

-- Dave Tweed
(long-time lurker)

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