moderated Re: Rewrite "From" address to match group address in certain cases when user is running Windows 10 and aol or verizon email #suggestion


On Tue, Oct 20, 2020 at 08:51 AM, Leeni wrote:
I was wondering why I have been getting a lot of messages to me as owner
It took me quite a long time to narrow this down. I ran a bunch of "reply" experiments in my group, and members were willing to be the guinea pigs. Eventually I narrowed it down to verizon or aol users on a PC. Some people in this thread (I think Bruce) helped by pointing out the problem with the Windows 10 email program regarding addresses. If you check, I think you'll find this is happening with your group members who are using verizon or aol email on PCs. They are probably totally unaware their messages aren't posting.

I would bet money this is happening in many, MANY groups all over the place and neither the owners nor the members are even aware of it. You can reply and everything looks normal. The subject of the thread looks normal, as if everything is going to and from the group. You have to look closely at the email address and/or fail to find the message(s) on the site to even know there's a problem.

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