moderated Re: drafts disappearing - bad #bug

Bruce Bowman

On Mon, Sep 28, 2020 at 11:31 PM, J_Catlady wrote:
Three, maybe even four times tonight I've worked on a detailed draft of a message, gone outside the composition window to look something up, and come back to find the draft entirely gone except for the original first sentence.
J - Here's an idea, portions of which may be in error. If so, I'm sure Mark will correct me.

Asynchronous communication between the client and host (I believe uses jQuery) depends on certain actionable activities. Typing in the editor is not one of them -- sending every keystroke would take too much bandwidth. So those edits are cached locally. I don't know exactly what actions cause a draft to be saved, but it would make sense that if it only happens when you click away from the editor in that browser tab. If such an action occurs when you're not connected, logged out, or you otherwise manage to clear the cached changes, the intervening edits are lost.

Unlike GIO, my webmail forces me to log into the provider's portal at least once a day. I have often hit "send" only to discover that the login expired while composing the message, losing everything I'd written. It's irritating.

Hope this helps,

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