moderated Re: Past Members on Mobile are Garbled #bug


Hi, Thanks for the fast fix. Unfortunately it is not fully fixed. One more small mod and it is done.
Thank you, Raphael

The quick fix: (Ok for Landscape but not Portrait)
The fix of the bug solved the problem when viewed on mobile phone screen in "landscape mode", The fix was achieved by simply removing subscribers name and the "Date left" thus making more room in the line. I'm ok with that. It seems an obscure corner of groups.IO anyway.
Clicking the link "History" gives a complete story and dates.

The full fix: (outstanding)
When viewed on a mobile screen in PORTRAIT mode the link "History" still obscures the email address. You have the problem that again you run out of real estate on the screen display.

Suggested fix: (Portrait & Landscape mode on mobile phone display)
Turn the "Reason" column in to an active link. (ie. The link that goes to "History").
Keep the Reason words themselves.
Remove the word "History" thus generating real estate on the display.

The suggested fix produces a consistent (same) result whether viewed in Landscape or Portrait mode. Functionality is transferred to the more full "History" link where all activity is shown already. (ie User Name, email, activity , reason, date)

As always. Thanks for looking. Raphael

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