moderated Site updates #changelog


Changes to the site this week:

  • SYSADMIN: More work to bring up the second email server; working to get Microsoft to stop rate-limiting it.
  • DOCS: Updates to the Owners Manual from Nina.
  • INTERNAL: Switched the internal dashboards/admin system to a different domain to fix cookie issues I was having.
  • INTERNAL: More work on converting templates to quicktemplate.
  • BUGFIX: Fixed formatting of the Past Members page when viewing on mobile.
  • INTERNAL: Better integration with, the hosts of, to make it easier to report/update incidents as they are happening. Also, linked to the @groupsio twitter account.
  • CHANGE: When rejecting a pending message, include the original message in the rejection notice, not the edited version if it exists.
  • NEW: Added infinite scrolling to the message search results page.
  • BUGFIX: Repeating events that end on a specific date sometimes would end one before that date, due to an off-by-one error.
  • CHANGE: On submitting a donation, we now disable the donate button while the donation is being processed to prevent an error on a double submit.
  • BUGFIX: Merging in the search results page was broken.

Take care everyone.


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