moderated Minor display bug in SEARCH-Members screens when editing a member #bug


Hi Mark,

Here's a minor display bug.  When one is in the Admin-Members screen and enters a search term and go into "Search" mode, after they select a member and edit their membership settings, the member list contents won't refresh when they are returned back to the search results member list, so it still shows the previous member attributes before editing. (DisplayName, EmailAddy, DeliveryMethod)

F5-refreshing the page refreshes the list contents and they now agree with the changes.  Not doing so, and continuing to (test-) edit that member (thinking one must have not made the change, so go back to check/redo it), results in a "one-page behind in display results" scenario, where the underlying code correctly does its thing, but the list display code seems to display the next to the last changes.

I tested this under Members-(regular) and Members-Mods, but I suspect the same also happens in the rest (Bouncing, Pending, etc), when there is a search term entered; it does not happen when there is no search term entered, it correctly refreshes the list contents in that case.

Not a biggie but it can be somewhat confusing/bewildering if one is not paying full attention and can result in unnecessary time & mouse clicks to figure out what just happened.


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