moderated Member unsuscribed (again) #suggestion


One of my members was unsubscribed for marking a message as spam, thanks to
clicking a wrong link. However, he sent the notification to resume subscription
to me, asking me to reinstate him. This meant that, for the first time, I
actually saw the whole of one of these messages.

1. Like me and many others, the member reads emails in plain text. In the plain
text version the words "Resume subscription" are not linkified, so there is no
obvious way to do what is required. Can we incorporate the full URL into the
plain text version of that message please? Most email clients will linkify it,
and even for those that don't it can then be copy/pasted into a browser.

2. When I switched to reading the message in HTML I could of course see the
link. I was pleasantly surprised to find that clicking on it reinstated him
immediately, which suited my purpose fine. However, I found it meant I was then
logged in to his account. That's no problem for me, but it might bother some
that this is possible.

3. I thought that when someone was unsubscribed in this way that meant from
every group they belonged to. Maybe I've got that wqrong, but if I haven't then
the wording of the message gives a wrong impression because it says "You will
receive no more emails from that group", rather than from any group.

Jim Fisher

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