moderated Re: #suggestion Allow add/replace of attachments when editing messages (not just delete) #suggestion

Jim Avera

On Mon, Sep 28, 2020 at 07:35 AM, Bruce Bowman wrote:
audit trail ... to include any changes made while in pending status.
Yes, that makes perfect sense to me.   Allow moderators to edit arbitrarily, but shove the "diffs" into an "Activity" record so it edits can not be done secretly.   Also add a "May edit pending messages" moderator permission so groups which do not want any editing can enforce that.

Allowing moderators to edit is useful, appropriate, and necessary for some groups where members are, realistically, not all able to create "well formed" messages on their own.

But other groups will value "non interference" more highly, and would want to prevent any editing by moderators.

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