moderated Re: If possible, make "disable other reply options" apply to email replies in all cases #suggestion

Bruce Bowman

On Wed, Sep 30, 2020 at 11:31 AM, J_Catlady wrote:
Thanks, this is awesomely informative. Yes, that seems to be what's happening. It's actually amazing that it hasn't been happening more often. 
I do believe the problem is common, and am surprised it doesn't get reported more often.

As for the change that you say could be made to rectify this ("An account setting could be established to rewrite this From: address to match the group address, but only for those groups that have both "Reply to Group" and "Remove other reply options" set), I think that might cause more problems than it solves, and/or I don't understand it.
I'm not advocating that it be implemented, but it seems to be the only available "fix" that could apply to a problem that did not cause. 

It could be done in my group, which has both of those options set. But would that cause emails from this particular person to not have her correct "from" address in emails people receive for her messages to the group? 
No. It would only be applied to messages [s]he receives, and even then only from groups with those particular reply-to settings.

This is entirely analogous to the From rewrite that's currently done for the "I always want copies of my own messages" setting in account preferences, but for a different reason:
  • The "always want copies" rewrite is done to munge the From address so when it comes back with a matching From address and message-id, it isn't flagged by GMail (and perhaps others) as a dupe and sent to the bit-bucket.
  • The hypothetical account setting I'm talking about would rewrite the From address to match that of the group, thereby ensuring that the RFC5322-noncompliant email client [s]he is using nonetheless sends any replies [s]he composes where they're supposed to go.
I'd be happy to discuss this further but if we're not going to propose this as a feature it should probably be taken off-group.


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