moderated Re: If possible, make "disable other reply options" apply to email replies in all cases #suggestion

Bruce Bowman

On Tue, Sep 29, 2020 at 10:48 PM, J_Catlady wrote:
However, in this case, there seems to be something unique about the one group member's email situation. Hard to know what it is. The "reply" behavior of the other people in my group with aol (at least all the ones who responded to my test thread) is correct according to the group reply-to setting, namely, the reply goes to the group.

FWIW, and in case this helps, the member is using a PC running WIndows 10.
J - It's probably the client software that this person is using to read and compose emails. Windows 10 Mail has been reported to fail to honor RFC 5322 ( Some versions of Outlook don't follow it, either. I'm not aware of any setting in these clients that can be changed to make them follow the reply-to standard. Others who actually use them might have recommendations, but before going down that road we need to know what your subscriber is actually using.

Currently, in, the From: address of an individual message is the same as the person who made the post. An account setting could be established to rewrite this From: address to match the group address, but only for those groups that have both "Reply to Group" and "Remove other reply options" set. This is kinda along the lines of the existing "I'm on GMail and always want copies of my own emails" account setting. Although I'm reluctant to recommend the expansion of such account settings, it should work, and is just about all could do to address this.

Failing that, your subscriber will need to either adopt compliant client software, or just get into the habit of checking the To: line every time they reply and correct it as needed.

Hope this helps,

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