moderated If possible, make "disable other reply options" apply to email replies in all cases #suggestion


I had always thought that "disable other reply options" (in, for this case, a group with "reply to group" set) applied to email as well as web replies. However, it has come to my attention that's not always the case. In the case of aol email, for example, email replies resulting from the member hitting "reply" go only to the individual; the "disable other reply options" is not in effect for them. Whereas in gmail (which I use), the disabling is in effect - I only see "reply to group" and no option "reply" in my emails, like this:
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I assumed this was a bug having to do with aol email's interaction with, until I checked the language of the explanation of "disable other reply options," which reads "Removes links on the website and digest to reply options other than your selected Reply To option." So is this saying that the disabling is guaranteed only for digest emails and not email replies in general? Was this a known issue with aol (and possibly other) email? Is there any way to disable other reply options for all email services? Because that's what I'd always thought it meant, until today.

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