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I’ve never had drafts disappear before yesterday. They’d always, up until then,been saved automatically the moment I started typing. I would definitely not want to have to save them manually. The automatic saving of drafts is a great (and IMO needed) feature, and came about through need.

What currently is not saved are drafts of edits of pending messages (and I do wish those could be saved as well). That was definitely not the situation with the glitch I experienced last night. But it might be the issue you are noticing if you see drafts disappearing a lot.

On Sep 29, 2020, at 6:06 AM, Jeremy H via <jeremygharrison@...> wrote:

I have found - over the years - that half written messages in have a tendancy to disappear - while there is an automatic feature to save draft messages, I have never quite understood quite when it actually would do so; and would much prefer to have a manual option...



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