moderated Re: #suggestion Allow add/replace of attachments when editing messages (not just delete) #suggestion

Bruce Bowman

On Mon, Sep 28, 2020 at 12:12 AM, Michael Pavan wrote:
I thought +1 was just the 'email way' of liking a post.
That's the first time it got posted instead.
I was kinda surprised to see that, too.

We already have editing of Pending and Archived Posts...
I typically use it, as I believe you and other Moderators of GMF do:
to delete excessive quoting,
and more rarely to remove or sanitize offensive or inappropriate content.
Not saying that I wouldn't use it if available. :-)

Perhaps the better way to accomplish what Jim suggested would be a control of what file types can be attached.
That, or extend the audit trail [that already exists for messages in the archive] to include any changes made while in pending status.


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