moderated Re: #suggestion Allow add/replace of attachments when editing messages (not just delete) #suggestion

Dave Sergeant

Being on several groups with over enthusiastic moderators who delete
virtually all quoting leaving my messages totally out of context for
email recipients this is a practice that irks me enormously. What I
post on groups is what I want to see published. If the moderator
doesn't like any accidental excess quoting he should tell me not to do
it the next time not just delete what he doesn't like.There may be a
case for COMPRESSING large attachments but anything else is totally


On 28 Sep 2020 at 0:12, Michael Pavan wrote:

We already have editing of Pending and Archived Posts...
I typically use it, as I believe you and other Moderators of GMF do: to
delete excessive quoting, and more rarely to remove or sanitize
offensive or inappropriate content.

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