moderated Re: Moderator created new hashtag without permission #bug

Bruce Bowman

On Mon, Sep 21, 2020 at 07:10 PM, I wrote:
  • My Owner account is not actually moderated. The message went into moderation because it contained a new hashtag.
  • I did not add the hashtag before approving the message. The act of approving the message added the hashtag and generated both log entries.
Peter -- Well, now I'm just being dumb.

Apparently, my Owner account was actually moderated in my test group. I must have left it that way from some previous test I was doing. So it actually did go into moderation for that reason, and the log entry was correct.

What actually happens [under normal circumstances] is that incoming emails with new hashtags, when sent by Moderators/Owners, override the group hashtag setting -- going directly into the message base and generating those two log entries -- without any further intervention by anybody.

If you haven't given this person the permission to create new hashtags this certainly does seem like a way to circumvent that.

As I said before, I'd prefer that Moderator/Owner posts be treated no differently from Member posts in this regard.



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