moderated Re: Moderator created new hashtag without permission #bug

Bruce Bowman

On Mon, Sep 21, 2020 at 11:18 AM, Peter Cook wrote:
Our group message policy setting includes "Messages from members can only be tagged with existing hashtags, otherwise the message is bounced."
Peter -- The wording for this setting is currently being discussed for revision.

Under no circumstances are messages actually bounced based on this setting. The help docs are also unclear on this.

See and provide any comments you have in that topic.

One of our moderators, who does not have permission to create or modify hashtags, sent a message with a misspelled hashtag, and that new tag was then created.
If a Moderator/Owner posts with a new hashtag, the message is not bounced, nor is it held as a draft (as it would be if sent by a Member). It is held as pending (i.e.: in moderation).

If someone subsequently approves the pending message anyway, the new hashtag is created, on the premise that this was intentional.

You can look for this approval in the group's activity log.

It shouldn't have been.
Well, it wouldn't have been, if someone hadn't approved it. That said, I agree that it would be substantially less confusing if Moderator/Owner posts were treated the same as Members with respect to this setting.


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