moderated Re: (revised) file upload notification requires pending message approvel for uploaders on mod #bug


On Mon, Sep 21, 2020 at 08:39 AM, Chris Jones wrote:
IIRC the Moderation of these Notifications depends on the Group Setting for each group
That seems to be correct. But the bug is that even though my group is not moderated, and even though the hashtags are (correctly) not set to moderated, the notifications are being sent to pending for moderation.

I think I would agree that the use of the word "integration" is perhaps not the best description; aggregated perhaps, but even that is inappropriate if there is only one action notified.
I would avoid all of those adjectives. I think "integration" actually came from integrations a la Facebook, which is just wrong. "Aggregate," as you point out, is also not appropriate if there's only one upload. I think "upload notification" or "file upload notification" or "photo .." (or whatever) is completely adequate.

I don't think the problem (assuming is it one) can be resolved without a complete redesign of the "Upload" (and "Edit") User Interfaces
I do think there is a problem here, separate from the bug. That said, it seems to be an easy matter to fix the bug at minimum. And I don't think users checking the "notify members" box or not is rocket science.

Thanks for your thoughts.

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