moderated Re: (revised) file upload notification requires pending message approvel for uploaders on mod #bug

Chris Jones

On Mon, Sep 21, 2020 at 12:11 PM, I wrote:
I'll come back with some observations later when I have more time available.
It is now "later". :)

I have spent a little time refreshing my memory about all this. My principal recollection is that I ended up thoroughly befuddled about the way things worked, or at least seemed to work. Ultimately I decided that the only option was going to be "see how things worked in practice". In that practice things are (or can be) very different depending on whether or not the original uploader chooses to notify members or not; I have seen occasions where someone remembered to check the "notify" box on some uploaded but not others that could be considered to be part of the same batch, but that is hardly's fault! Nonetheless it ends with with a muddled flow of "notifications" that can be hard to unravel. 

IIRC the Moderation of these Notifications depends on the Group Setting for each group, not the moderation status of each individual member. The rights and wrongs of that are perhaps a separate topic, which I am reluctant to start.

The apparent delay in Notifications turning up for Moderation is variable, or at least can be. Again IIRC the "integration window" between an "action" and the notification being originated is (or was) 4 minutes. However, its arrival in a Moderator's Inbox is also a function of how often the mod's email client (assuming that a client is in use) goes looking to see if there is any mail to download. When I bought this PC in early June the default setting was 30 minutes which IMHO was far too infrequent and I reset it to 10 minutes, but that can still mean that there is a 14 minute delay between an "action" and my receiving an email telling me about it. This 10 minute delay also applies to posts for moderation, which means that "moderator 1" can receive the message and approve it some time before it ever appears in "moderator 2's" inbox. In reality it isn't a major issue but it is easy to overlook the fact that the delay exists. 

I think I would agree that the use of the word "integration" is perhaps not the best description; aggregated perhaps, but even that is inappropriate if there is only one action notified. Anyone setting up a new photo album, uploading a few pictures and adding descriptions is going to struggle to get it all into a 4 minute window for a single "aggregated" notification to take place.

One of my original concerns is that the overall process could result in blizzard of notifications (inc moderation notifications) being sent to moderators, but to be fair since then I don't think I have encountered anything more than a serious flurry; it was still a bit confusing though. FWIW I don't think the problem (assuming is it one) can be resolved without a complete redesign of the "Upload" (and "Edit") User Interfaces, but I rather doubt if Mark would welcome any such suggestion. Might be easier than trying to educate group members to use the Files and Photos sections in a more sensible way, though...


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