moderated Re: (revised) file upload notification requires pending message approvel for uploaders on mod #bug


On Mon, Sep 21, 2020 at 04:59 AM, Duane wrote:
I would also consider that a bug when it occurs even when the #photo-notice hashtag does NOT have the 'Moderated' option checked, as it does now.  I
Ok, it is a bug. I just checked and neither my group's #file-notice or #photo-notice tags are set to Moderated, yet the notifications are still being treated (and labelled in the log) as moderated.

Further to the bug I have the following suggestions, in the case that the notices *are* appropriately moderated: make the log entry consistent with other log entries for moderated topics (i.e., "requires moderation because the topic is moderated due to hashtag bla bla"). And fix the term "integration message."

My guess is that most moderators, when encountering these approval requests, are going to be mystified and frustrated. Nobody besides the cogniscenti in beta (and in this case, that does not even include me) knows what a "moderated integration message" is, assuming they even check the log to find that arcane explanation; and the required approval exacerbates the already existing delay due to the "combiner." People generally expect "notify all members" on a file or photo upload to proceed immediately.

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