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Welcome, Mr Hudson, to this list! I hope you get to enjoy what's hot and coming with Groups.io, as well as report any bugs with the service.

On 23 Apr 2015, at 00:18, Joseph Hudson <jhud7789@outlook.com> wrote:

Hello, my name is Joseph I am a co-owner on the text zone which is also on the service. And I came to learn a little bit about groups.. And help others out where I can.

Do you have a problem navigating social media? Do you find that email is the best way to communicate, are you interested in meeting new people and making new friends? Then we have created a group for you.this group, is where blind and deaf individuals can get together and socialize in communicate. If you were interested please subscribe here.
http://list.ntxability.org/mailman/listinfo/chat_list.ntxability.org or send a blank message to

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