moderated Re: Hashtag Permissions setting is misleading #bug

Bruce Bowman

On Wed, Sep 16, 2020 at 12:57 PM, Mark Fletcher wrote:
The message should be held in pending form for the original sender, not the moderator. And they should get an email telling them to edit the message.
Mark -- Interesting. I didn't even think to try it as a mere Member.

If a Member does it, it's held as a draft as you mention above. But if a Moderator does it, it's held in moderation (pending) as I originally posted. Seems a little more complicated than necessary, but is certainly acceptable.

This only applies to messages sent via email, as if you try to post a message from the website with a new hashtag, it'll give you an error message right then.

So, yeah, using the word Bounced is not accurate. Suggestions appreciated.
I find Duane's suggestion to be acceptable [read: I'm struggling to come up with anything better]. If too long, replace "saved as a draft" with "held."


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