moderated Re: Add back Active checkbox to Invite and Direct Add member notices #suggestion


This happened in our group. We only just realized that our custom text was no longer being included in invitations. The person who sends the bulk of invitations in our organization is not otherwise involved in administrative tasks in the group; but the change was also overlooked by by owners/moderators who sent occasional invitations over the past year.

Yes, please do implement an option for an "active" template for invitations so that the custom text will be included by default.


On 09/15/20 20:13, Bruce Bowman wrote:
Mark -- I'm resurrecting this thread because the problem came up again in GMF. Apparently there are several groups out there who didn't notice the change in mid 2019 that implemented multiple invite/direct add templates. They expected the previous behavior that auto-populated the invitation with the "active" member notice. As a result, they've been sending invitations for more than a year without any custom text at all.
For those of us (and I suspect it's a substantial majority) who have no need for any multi-template feature, it would really be nice to be able to set a default/active template and have it auto-populate without having to select a lone template from the pick-list time after time.
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