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To me, a user of simple English, a non-profit organisation is any organisation
which does not make a profit. That probably includes the vast majority of
groups on this platform, including this one, with no income and no expenditure.

Whether or not something is tax deductible depends on which country you live
in. I assume from your reference to "IRS rules" you are thinking only of USA.
Those rules are of no relevance in most of the world. Like most of the
internet, this is an international platform.

Jim Fisher

On 15 Sep 2020 at 11:22, Bob Bellizzi wrote:

I'm  confused.

Simply setting up a nonprofit organization has  some basic costs which must be
covered. But, it would seem that, as a nonprofit, you have the legal ability to
solicit donations from others' who might have an interest in advancing your
cause. Such donations would be tax deductible to the donors under IRS rules.
BTW, what is the name of your non-profit? --

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