moderated Re: #suggestion Add a Pricing tier between Basic (free) and Premium #suggestion

Mahendra Bakshi

Hello Rick Gray,

You said
>>>I am part of a small non-profit group of about 30 members that I have set up a pilot GIO for, however, with the limit of no sub-groups for the basic plan, it makes things more difficult to achieve an efficient site.

I think there is an alternative that will provide the functionality of sub-group under the Basic Plan.  As I understand it, when sub-group functionality is available in, the sub-groups are identical copies of the main group except a newly created sub-group does not have any members except the Owner who created it.  Sub-groups are empty to begin with and does not inherit anything such as photos, files, etc from the main group.  The Owner then invites those who should be in the sub-group.  Sub-groups are independent groups with their own website address and home page.  What goes on in sub-group is not shared with the main group and vice versa.

If what I am saying above is inaccurate, I would request members to point out and clarify my understanding.

So for your small non-profit group (snpg), you can create a new Basic group called (snpgCommittee) which will be a "sub-group" for the 3 or 4 Committee members.

Hope this will be helpful to you and others who would like to have sub-groups capability.

Mahendra Bakshi.

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