moderated Membership Page and Activity History #bug

Sandra <sancole827@...>

I am not sure if this is a bug or change in the membership page. I am a moderator on a busy group. When new members post and I am looking at the pending message, I often view the "member page". I like to look at the activity history, see who approved previous messages, and then look at previous messages and decide whether to ask them to post to the previous topic or start a new topic and link the prior topic. 

At one point on the member page, under activity history, I could see who approved the message, and the topic (blue message for lack of a better description - once they are off moderation). However that has disappeared. If they are a member under moderation, I need to exit their member page, go to the group, search for the prior message, go back to the pending message, and decide on approval etc. The drop down box on the member page - activity history indicates a box for "approved pending message", but it does not show any results. I am using "show all activity" when viewing the activity history. 

I could also see who approved the member, who changed anything, changed their message status. Even for unmoderated members, on their member page, under activity history, I can no longer determine, which moderator may have made a change to their membership, posting status etc. 

I did search beta, and the GMF group for comments but did not come across any notices of changes. 

Of course I can search the main activity log to determine those changes, but found it quite handy to look at the individual member page and their activity history.

Not sure if this is a bug, or a change in methodology. 

Thanks in advance. 


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