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lloyd lehrer

Yah, couldnt agreeĀ more. Several members have multipleĀ  emails and have this problem.

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On Mon, Sep 14, 2020, 8:47 AM Glenn Glazer <glenn.glazer@...> wrote:
So to set the use case, almost all of the members of one of my groups are email only. For them, it is pretty much just a mailing list. However, we do make extensive use of the Files section whether they check it or not and after the last endorsement forum, everybody suddenly wanted to check the results even though they'd never been to the website before.

As such, a number of them needed my help to point them to the help page on logging in with cookies, but a few ran into an interesting problem. These folks had multiple email addresses that forward to one address and weren't thinking about which address was actually on the list, so when they logged in with a different address, they couldn't see anything. This was obvious in retrospect, but not during debugging.

My solutions for this were to either look up their email address and have them use that address or add all of their other addresses as no mail.

But it made me wonder: right now the account page allows for only a single email address. Would it be possible to have a field that lists alternate email addresses that are linked or aliased to the main one? E.g., I might have my account under "glenn.glazer@..." but list "gglazer@..., gglazer@..." under aliases so that if I log in under one of those, it would show me the same groups and group information as under my gmail address.

Most people who are tech savvy don't need this, they can remember which address they used. But not all groups consist of people who are like that and this would be helpful to them.



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