moderated Re: Linking email addresses #suggestion



But it made me wonder: right now the account page allows for only a single email address. Would it be possible to have a field that lists alternate email addresses that are linked or aliased to the main one? E.g., I might have my account under "glenn.glazer@..." but list "gglazer@..., gglazer@..." under aliases so that if I log in under one of those, it would show me the same groups and group information as under my gmail address.

This capability does exist; go to your account settings (upper right) and in the Login screen, look at the bottom for Advanced Settings For Email Aliases.  Add your alias there, and if you log in with that, (and the same pwd) it will be like you logged-in with your regular account email address.

I assume that if one does that, the group owner/admin (you) would have to remove the extra aliased account from the group; not quite sure what would happen if the alias is also a member of the same group, but more than likely some code may get confused somewhere.


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