moderated #suggestion Add a Pricing tier between Basic (free) and Premium #suggestion

Pati Nagle

Hello -

Thank you for! I love it - however, the small groups I am in cannot afford $20/month and don't need everything in the Premium tier. Right now we are using the Basic (free) version. We'd like to support financially but $20/month is just too steep for us.

Would you consider adding a tier between Basic and Premium? Call it "Enhanced" for this example. Charge $10/month. Here are the features I'd like to see:






$10/month or $110/year


$20/month or $220/year

Listed or unlisted in group directory X X X
Public or private archives X X X
Open, restricted, or moderated groups X X X
Comprehensive moderation tools X X X
Members UnlimitedNot Available Unlimited Unlimited
Virus scanning X X X
API access X X X
Size limits
Emails: 100MB
Photos: 100MB
Files: 100MB
Not Available
Emails: 100MB
Photos: 250MB
Files: 250MB
Emails: 100MB
Photos: 500MB
Files: 500MB
10GB 20GB
Subgroups on your own subdomain   5 Unlimited
Group calendar   X X
Files section   X X
Photos section   X X
Polls   X X

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