locked Re: First Impressions of Groups.io


On 7 November 2014 16:22, Mark Fletcher <markf@corp.groups.io> wrote:
You're not the first person who's said their FB group gets significantly more traffic than their Yahoo Group. I'm trying to understand the reasons why that seems to be the general case. Is it just a function of FB having massive traffic?

​Hi Mark,​

​No - a private FB group gets only group traffic, so a small group is a quiet backwater.
Or do their groups have a set of features or are set up in a particular way that encourages this?


The group I mentioned that has both FB and Yahoo versions has a wide demography​ - I've got a few dinosaurs who write impeccable English and rather more youngsters with limited vocabularies. Both wish to communicate - the dinosaurs think that Zuckerberg is the devil incarnate, the youngsters wish they could write like the dinosaurs but prefer short comments and pictures posted from their mobile (cell) phones, would be embarrassed to attempt any sort of prose and are thus easily seduced by FB.

Even I, a prime dinosaur, have been infected; last weekend I was at an engineers' reunion and wanted to post a "look what I'm doing" note to the engineering group. I only had my iPhone; with FB it's a couple of taps - I wouldn't even countenance attempting to post a photo to the Yahoo group.

In my view a group must have a mobile version or it will die. More and more people possess only mobile phones or tablets. IMHO you will have to cater for them with an iOS and Android app.



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