moderated Group creation page Visibility dropdown reset bug #bug


Hi Mark,
In the group creation page, if there is a syntax error in the Email Address value and the data validation checker gets invoked after clicking on "Create Group", the error is correctly identified but unlike the Email Address and Group Description fields whose values are preserved, the Visibility dropdown gets reset to the default value and it can be easily missed.
I went to create a test group earlier today and after ensuring I selected the correct hidden/private setting and adding the group description, I finally added the email address -but I unintentionally used an underscore instead of a dash in the email- and clicked on Create; I got the email address error and That address is not valid blurb so I fixed it and resubmitted, and it seemed all went fine now.  A few minutes later I got back a group creation denial message because the group wasn't created with the hidden/private setting.  Since I knew I had selected that, I went back and retried but this time I paid attention to the Visibility box and it does indeed reset if there's a syntax error in the email address.

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