moderated Re: #suggestion RSVP Adult Child separate #suggestion

Andy Wedge

On Mon, Sep 7, 2020 at 10:31 PM, Bob Bellizzi wrote:
While I understand the suggestion, it could lead to even more requests for further differentiation, viz:  the age line for "kids", younger than 16 or through 16, the gender claimed or other personal selective identity. This could even vary depending on the geography, the family or any one of several factors.
I'm with Bob on this. There could be so many variations that different groups want specific allowances for. 

Anthony Angelo wrote: "The current count is nice as it gives me the number of families attending,"
The count is for the number of attendees/individuals rather than families.

In my recent testing, I did not look at options for bringing guests. I've just tried this though and see that it keeps count towards the limit of individuals attending (rather than families).  Combing the number of guests with the option to request additional information by the organiser (e.g. how many of your guests are children?) would allow flexibility without overly complicating the system.


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