moderated Re: text Message Footer in html #bug #fixed

Andrew Partan

On Sat, Sep 05, 2020 at 11:27:10PM -0400, Andrew Partan wrote:
If I add a Message Footer like this:

line 1 -
line 2 -

It show up properly html encoded in the html copy of every message.
But it also shows up html encoded in the text copy of every message.

It used to show up just fine but this broke a bit ago. Unfortunately
I don't remember when.
I went thru some old messages I have. Turns out its been broken
since last December if not longer.

But if the message only contains a text/plain part, then the
customized Message Footer is correctly formatted with no html.

However if the message contains both text/plain and text/html parts,
then the customized Message Footer is formatted with html in the
exact same way in both the text/plain and text/html parts.

Andrew Partan

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