moderated Photo Auditing: Misleading "updated photo" owner/mod notification #bug


When a member clicks on "Edit" a photo of his, or a mod does the same on any photo, if the "Update" button gets clicked on, the mods get an audit "[groupname] Photo updated" notification email:
Notification subject: 
[<group_name>] Photo <file_name> updated
Notification body text:
The following photos have been updated in the <album_name> album of the <group_name> group.
By: <group_member>
In addition, an entry is posted in the Activity log:
<group_member> edited photo <file_name> via web
The issue is that the notification (& log entry) is generated & sent even if nothing was changed (i.e. one just clicked on "Update" without changing anything), or if the image itself wasn't changed but something ancillary was, i.e. if the image was selected as the "Cover Photo" and that was all that changed; the auditing code behind the "Update" button doesn't really check if anything was indeed changed, it just assumes something was changed because the Update button was pressed.  While it's obviously good to know if someone is messing around with the Photos, the notification can be misleading because it implies the image itself was modified, which can lead a mod into a wild chase to try and find what someone did, especially if the notification was about specific group photos that shouldn't be messed with.

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