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On Fri, Sep 4, 2020 at 08:45 PM, Mark Fletcher wrote:
When changing the reply to setting of a topic, we now record the new setting in the activity log (assuming it's different from the group).
I was going to suggest that it log an entry even when it's not different from the group (i.e., when you change it back to the group setting from something else that it was previously changed to). But when I tested this, I found it does indeed create a log entry when you change it back. However, it does not give the specifics in that case. In other words: when I change a topic's reply-to to something other than the group's, it says "changed reply to setting to xyz." But when I change it back to the group setting, it just says "changed reply to setting."

I would suggest including what it was changed to, even in the case where it's just being changed back to the group setting. The information is not strictly necessary if the user knows that the lack of what it was changed to means it was changed back to the group setting. But why make them wonder?

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