moderated Re: List-Post header option for individual groups #suggestion


On 09/03/20 18:58, Bruce Bowman wrote:

Drew -- If you allow (or maybe even force) html messages and do not click the "remove other reply options" box in settings there should be a "Reply to Sender" link in the message footer.

Hi Bruce.

No, there is no Reply To Sender footer link in received plaintext message posts (only View/Reply Online; Mute This Topic; Group Owner; Unsubscribe.)

Why is it again that you are unable to take advantage of this? Right now it seems like you're asking Mark to do something to overcome a self-imposed limitation. Not trying to be snarky but I guess I just don't get it yet.

We would like our email subscribers to have an easy & convenient way to choose between replying either to the group, or to the sender alone. Currently, in order to reply to sender alone one of the following methods must be used:

Method 1:

Edit the To/From headers (the exact procedure varies with email client, complicating guidance to our several thousand users).

Method 2:

- Click "View/Reply Online" footer link;
- Click Reply;
- Click Private;
- Click Quote.

These methods are complicated enough to discourage adoption among subscribers, even with continued reminders and instruction. (Typically moderator involvement with this issue requires determining one subscriber's email address and providing it to another with the suggestion that they contact off-list; obviously, not an efficient use of moderators' time.)

A group that chooses to select the proposed List-Post option setting would have a List-Post header inserted into all group message traffic, for example:

list-post: <>

The list-post header has the effect of making available to email subscribers in their mail client a one-click option for replying to the group or replying privately to the sender alone. (At least in the very popular Thunderbird mail software; I assume similar convenience in other applications.)

The List-Post header was adopted briefly system-wide in the past in but was removed due to complaints, details I don't recall. I am requesting an optional group-specific setting for those groups who choose to use it.



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