moderated Re: List-Post header option for individual groups #suggestion

Bruce Bowman

On Thu, Sep 3, 2020 at 07:04 PM, Drew wrote:
But occasionally someone will want to make particular arrangements for the sale or trade, shipping, payment, etc that should be taken off-list. The current limitations are very inconvenient for this purpose.

There are also other occasions, non topic specific, that it would be preferable for subscribers to have a simple way to go off-list.
Drew -- If you allow (or maybe even force) html messages and do not click the "remove other reply options" box in settings there should be a "Reply to Sender" link in the message footer. 

Why is it again that you are unable to take advantage of this? Right now it seems like you're asking Mark to do something to overcome a self-imposed limitation. Not trying to be snarky but I guess I just don't get it yet.


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