moderated Re: List-Post header option for individual groups #suggestion


That will not work for us. We would like to have both options available to individual subscribers: most replies will go to the group by default; less often individuals will want to go off-list.

For example: items for sale or trade are sometimes posted to the entire group; there may be followup inquiries or comments about the items from other subscribers, also of interest to the entire group. But occasionally someone will want to make particular arrangements for the sale or trade, shipping, payment, etc that should be taken off-list. The current limitations are very inconvenient for this purpose.

There are also other occasions, non topic specific, that it would be preferable for subscribers to have a simple way to go off-list.


On 09/03/20 11:44, Mark Fletcher wrote:
On Wed, Sep 2, 2020 at 6:12 PM Drew < <>> wrote:
Since there is no Reply-To-Sender message footer link in plaintext
formatted groups like ours we must either copy & paste the email
between headers in the mail reader, or click the View/Reply Online
footer link, which then requires several more button clicks (REPLY,
This necessitates an explanation from moderators every time they ask a
subscriber to "take it off-list"; and posting of reminders to the group
on the steps required for replying to sender only, whether online or by
copy/pasting headers.
Just refreshed my memory by looking back at the old topics addressing this. I have a suggestion. You can use the new `Reply To Followers Only` topic setting to move discussions `off-list` (that is, hidden from the rest of the group). No need for your members to change their behavior, no need for you to post reminders on the list. If you see this happening, you can just change the reply-to setting of the topic to this new setting and any further replies only go to the topic participants and not the entire group. You could also set up a hashtag to automatically set a topic to that setting.

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