moderated Re: List-Post header option for individual groups #suggestion

Bruce Bowman

On Thu, Sep 3, 2020 at 12:45 PM, Mark Fletcher wrote:
You can use the new `Reply To Followers Only` topic setting to move discussions `off-list` (that is, hidden from the rest of the group). No need for your members to change their behavior, no need for you to post reminders on the list. If you see this happening, you can just change the reply-to setting of the topic to this new setting and any further replies only go to the topic participants and not the entire group.
Mark -- I'm starting to get more than a little confused.

Are "follow topic" records now being created for the originator of a topic (and those who reply to it) regardless of the topic/group/hashtag setting?

There won't be a corresponding footer link, so it seems that before Drew could change the topic's reply-to setting, he'd need to first send a reply to the group (within the same topic) stating that it's is being taken off-list and those who want to continue receiving it need to follow it via the web interface. Otherwise, it seems that even some of those already participating in the conversation might mysteriously cease to receive subsequent messages.

Perhaps there's a fine point I'm missing...


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