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On Thu, Sep 3, 2020 at 09:14 AM, Chuck Palmer wrote:
I would think that somewhere in the back-end of is my profile that says what groups I am a member of, what my roles are in those groups, and which groups have donations turned on.

For those groups that I am an owner or that have donations turned on, it makes sense for me to see the Billing menu item and it should be accessible.

Likewise, if I am not owner of any group and none of groups that I am a member of have donations turned on, that Billing menu item should not be accessible.
I still disagree with the basic premise. Suppose I am the owner of a premium group and have entered my billing info. Should that simply disappear when I downgrade or delete the group? I'm not talking about whether the page to enter it should disappear or be grayed out. I'm talking about the information itself. Suppose the next day I join a group that happens to have Donations turned on. Should my billing info then miraculously (courtesy of the system) be restored? Or should I be made to enter it again? Etc. I think any of those would be ridiculous. Once I enter billing info, I would expect it to stay there unless I personally delete it. If I downgrade or delete my premium group, and my billing info disappears, and then I create a different premium group an hous later, then what are you proposing should happen?

The simplest solution for naive users is to put some explanation on the page itself. This is not rocket science. If somebody has a problem, you can hold their hand. There are bigger things to worry about.

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